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The objective of this project is to strengthen the capacity of Burundi protected areasystem, so it can achieve its mandate of conserving biodiversity through the engagement of the project stakeholders. Today, Burundi has 12 protected areas broken down in four categories and including three national parks, four nature reserves, two natural monuments and threeprotected landscapes. There are also community and private protected areas including a sacred forest and two arboretums. Overall, Burundi protected areas total an area of about 157,923 ha or 5.6 % of the total national territory or 31 % of the total of 504,116 ha of natural ecosystems available. Apart from the above mentioned three community or private protected areas, Burundian protected areas are owned by the state and under the management of the in October 2015 establishedBurundian Office for Environmental Protection (OBPE),in the Ministry of Water, Environment, Land and Urban Planning.

On April 8, 2000, the Association was approved by the Ministry of Interior by ministerial decree no. 530/231 as non-lucrative non-governmental organization, .. See more


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