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ABN is proud to represent one of the first environmental NGOs in Burundi, having been born on November 2nd, 1999 at the Constitutive Assembly of its 11 Founding Members under the chairmanship of Prof Laurent NTAHUGA, and having been officially approved on April 8th, 2000 by ministerial decree No. 530/231.
From the very beginning of its existence, the ABN maintained as values to characterize the Association, the 6 following ethical principles:
- Equity
- Honesty
- Transparency
- Professionalism
- Openness to outer world
- Commitment to Healthy Environment
ABN supports that those values should underpin and demonstrate good governance and proper management of the Association life and determine the operation of the Coordination Office in charge of the implementation of its activity program, meant to be the avenue to achieving its Vision, Mission and Objectives.

On April 8, 2000, the Association was approved by the Ministry of Interior by ministerial decree no. 530/231 as non-lucrative non-governmental organization, .. See more


Avenue de la Révolution  2 eme Etage No 8

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