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Our mission

  The mission of ABN is «to contribute to the conservation of Nature and to sustainable use of natural resources and ecosystem services for the great benefit of the Burundian population»,
1. the promotion of love of nature conservation in all Burundian social categories
2. the gathering of friends of nature around the goal of its preservation and restoration as well as sustainable use of its resources,
3. the establishment of appropriate activity programs, and
4. the effective integration into national, regional and international networks of nature conservation.

ABN activities cover the entire national territory with a special target of protected areas such as national parks and forest nature reserves. The local community awareness components as well as the support of their livelihoods predominate in all the activities of the Association.

On April 8, 2000, the Association was approved by the Ministry of Interior by ministerial decree no. 530/231 as non-lucrative non-governmental organization, .. See more


Avenue de la Révolution  2 eme Etage No 8

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