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Projects already completed

Projects already completed:
1.    Contribution to the strengthening of good governance of natural resources and food security of Lake Tanganyika (2013-2016).

2.    Empowering local communities for sustainable development and conservation of birds and biodiversity in the Lake Victoria basin (2013-2015).

3.    Contribution to the protection of biodiversity and environment of North-East of Lake Tanganyika protected landscape through integrated watershed management of the river Mpanda (2013-2014).

4.    Protection of Rusizi National Park by public awareness raising for coastal fishermen, showing them how to diversify revenue sources based on a socioeconomic study made previously (2011-2013).

5.    Support to alternative activities to the use of certain resources from Ruvubu National Park to get local people better participate in conservation efforts of the Park€™s biodiversity (2008-2010).

6.    Monitoring of the situation and trend of biodiversity in key important biodiversity conservation areas for the conservation of biodiversity in Burundi, especially in Kibira, Rusizi, northern lakes, Bururi and Ruvubu protected areas (2007-2011).

7.    Integration of the ecosystem approach in national policies for adaptation to climate change. The project allowed us to publish a document on the analysis of the integration of EBA, the Ecosystem Based Approach in matters relating to climate change adaptation (2010-2015).

8.    Publication of an Atlas of Important Bird Areas in Burundi, which correspond to important biodiversity conservation areas (2008), and a study of policies and laws favoring conservation of biodiversity in Burundi (2005-2007).

9.    Assessment tour of the distribution on national territory of the grey crowned crane, Balearica regulorum, for its rehabilitation (2015)

10.    Biodiversity Impact Evaluation: Baseline Survey of Birds for the World Bank Project on «Burundi Sustainable Coffee Landscape» (2015).

11. Governance of Tanganyika Natural resources (2012-2017)

12. Promotion des essences indigenes utiles autour du Parc Naturel de la Kibira (2013-2017)

13. Integrating Burundian population in effort to Conserve Kibira National Park biodiversity and ecosystem services ( 2014-2015)

14. Enhance Climate Resilience and Ecosystem Services in the Region (2013-2017)

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